HookFire Dove Lodge

HookFire's Orvis Endorsed Dove Lodge  

Cordoba, Argentina 

HookFire is proud to offer the very best in Cordoba Argentina Dove Hunting, while enjoying the most action packed hunt ever experienced on the planet. An experience set in Cordoba, Argentina in the largest dove roost in the world, home to more than 40 MILLION dove!

Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you who have not taken this trip, steaming hot barrels and non-stop dove hunting action is all you can expect. Not to mention, you will be wined and dined with 5 star accommodations, impeccable service, and gourmet handcrafted menus fit for royalty. Enjoy a place where you can shoot Dove as much as the heart desires while enjoying a full service safari-style barbeque lunch in the field over a glass of wine or cold beer with friends or family before retiring back to the lodge for cocktails and a relaxing massage.


This place is heaven on earth for the ultimate wingshooter looking for an experience that has it all! Enjoy Awe-Inspiring wingshooting in a dove shooter’s kingdom!


  • First class accommodations and service, in this 6 bedroom authentic lodge. 
  • Our lodge’s prime location allows you to enjoy prime dove hunting areas, without having to make very long drives.
  • The pioneer in the dove business with over 20 years of experience catering to corporate, friends, and family hunting groups.
  • Have the opportunity to shoot some of the largest dove roosts in the world with an estimated population over 40 million dove.
  • Savor fine cuisines at breakfast or dinner with a selection of mouth watering dishes including Argentina’s famed beef, Malbec wine flowing from the bottle and homemade desserts- all prepared by our talented culinary and pastry chef.
  • Relax with a massage, maybe enjoy a glass of wine in the dipping pool after a full days' shoot.
  • Relax and let our staff see to every detail of your stay, so that your only task is enjoying the hunt.


The Hunting at HookFire Dove Lodge


With a roost of over 50 million dove, Cordoba is hailed as the dove shooting capital of the world. The lodge maintains 55 shooting fields and is surrounded by a 100 square mile radius of serene rolling farmland.

The region's healthy and prolific bird population reproduces here over five times a year. As a result of the abundance, the lodge is able to donate thousands of doves to a local food kitchen that serves the area's needy children.

The hunting program typically begins at 8am with a hearty breakfast and a short drive out to the field. During the shoot, you'll be assigned the assistance of a pick up boy. He will provide you with shells, refreshments and directions to your shooting stand. You'll also receive frequent visits from our Head Guide, who will be able to assist with any of your needs and/or answer any of your questions - including shooting tips, if you'd like.

Around noon, under the shade of a comfortable safari tent, you will be treated to an incredible barbeque lunch. You'll enjoy some of Argentina's finest beef cuts and most delectable wines.

After exquisite dining, you'll return to the field for the afternoon shoot which begins around 2-2:30pm and continues until almost dark. There’s not a pre-determined ‘quitting time’. Good sense and tired shooters dictate the day’s end. At that time, return to the lodge for cocktails and a satisfying dinner.



Benelli Montefeltro: 20 Gauge


Beretta Urika 391  20 Gauge


Browning Over/ Under:  20 gauge


Browning Over/Under:  28 gauge


Beretta Silver Pigeon: Over/Under 20 Gauge






Accommodations - HookFire Dove Lodge


HookFire's Orvis-Endorsed Lodge is on a privately owned property approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Cordoba international airport. There are 6 private bedrooms, each with private bath, it is the perfect setting for dove shooters and their guests to simply relax and revel in the perfect hunting getaway. If your party is looking for an even more exclusive experience, you have private lodge with 6 guests in single rooms.  

The lodge is welcoming and relaxing. There is an outdoor wading pool, where we will often unwind with cocktails in the evening after a successful day in the field. Or you can enjoy a massage before dinner in the comfort of your own room. 

Yes, the pictures are beautiful. But no picture can perfectly capture the serenity of relaxing in a quiet room after a successful shoot.  Nor could it perfectly depict the pleasure of laughing with friends while you're served drinks and refreshments.  And even video can’t come close to portraying the incredible quality of Cordoba’s dove hunting. It’s something you just have to see to believe!






Our guests tell us that it’s hard to describe their exact shooting experience here to others because it’s so unlike anything else. Our shooters feel the same way about their dining experiences at our dove lodge. The meals are so divine that just telling you about them doesn't begin to scratch the surface!

You have to come and shoot with us and dine with us. You have to smell the fresh, hot empanadas steaming in a wicker basket. You have to breathe in the fragrance of Argentina's famed grass-fed beef or lamb grilling over orange coals. You have to taste the earth in carrots grown from our very own lodge garden. You have to savor the rich plum and cinnamon notes in one of our fine Malbec wines. We take our dining seriously. We want to make every meal as wonderful and memorable as your trips to the field.

 We offer you variety, options and gourmet quality cuisine. The delicious cuisine doesn't stop at breakfast either. Our field lunches are legendary! We serve this important meal al fresco in the shooting area each day. We bring you a variety of meats, like grilled dove breast, tender beef fillet, varieties of our famous sausages, short ribs, lamb, grilled chicken and more. We also bring you fresh salad, hot baked bread from our ovens and, of course, a tasty dessert. To top it all off, we even bring hammocks, in case you’d like a little siesta after lunch.

After your day in the field, the evening meal is a celebration of fine dining - but, in the comfort of a casual setting. This is the meal where our chefs really shine.  Be sure to look forward to our daily dessert creations! Every day brings a different delight: flan, dulce de leche, homemade ice creams, pies and fruits – there’s always something delicious to enjoy!



We must make a special mention of our wines. Great wines are a staple of Argentine culture. They are very much a part of our daily lives.  We also have other spirits available for you to enjoy, but we are especially enthusiastic to introduce you to our award-winning Malbec wines, known throughout the world as an Argentine treasure.







Location - HookFire Dove Lodge, Cordoba Argentina


Province of Cordoba, Central Argentina
Nearest International Airport: The Cordoba City International Airport 

Cordoba is conveniently located 60 miles (100 km) north of the Cordoba City International Airport, which is a 1:15 hour drive from the lodge. You have a couple options for your flight into Cordoba, Argentina.



The Best Way to arrive to Cordoba, Argentina

Option 1
One option is to catch one of the daily direct flights departing from several U.S. Cities (Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, New York) and arrive in Santiago, Chile with a 1 hr and 20 minute connecting flight to Cordoba.




Option 2
Another option is to catch a direct flight from several US Cities (Houston, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, or New York) to Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza International Airport. You can then catch a 1 hr and 30 minute flight to Cordoba. Sometimes, you can get lucky and find a flight that leaves the international airport direct to Cordoba. However, Most flights originate out of the domestic airport, so we recommend staying at least one night In Buenos Aires on the front end of the trip so that your hotel of choice will be a short 15 minute drive from the hotel to the domestic airport. This option is particularly great if you have time to enjoy a few vacation days in the incredible city of Buenos Aires, known as the “Paris of the South”. Enjoy polo matches, tango shows, one-of-a-kind cuisine, shopping local specialties, like silver and leather, and so many other distinctive experiences!


Option 3
Some travelers prefer to fly on Copa Airlines. There is 1 stop in Panama City before arriving to the Cordoba international airport. This flight arrives in the middle of the night; therefore, clients will choose to get a hotel room to rest before we pick them up that morning for lunch and their first afternoon dove hunt. All though this flight does not offer much convenience, it sometimes seems to be the more economical flight.



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Species - Eared Dove

The Eared Dove, a populous species, is very similar to North America’s Mourning Dove in both color and pattern, but has a shorter tail and heavier bill. The two birds are also similar in size. On average, the Eared Dove is 24 cm (9.4 in) long and weighs around 112 g (4 oz).


The Eared Dove is named after the dark, distinctive markings across its feathers and upper cheek, which form the resemblance of an ear. With no apparent fixed breeding season, this species repopulates year-round and maintains a prolific presence in its habitats. Not to mention there is little to no pressure from the locals, the abundance of agricultural crops in the area and perfect roasting habitats provide this species a perfect storm for a massive population.


Recent estimates place the growing bird population at over 50 million. As an abundant species, Eared Dove are considered one of the last truly big-bag shooting experiences in the world. 

Source: The Ecology of the Eared Dove (Zenaida auriculata) in Argentina

R. K. Murton, E. H. Bucher, M. Nores, E. Gómez and J. Reartes


The Condor

Vol. 76, No. 1 (Spring, 1974), pp. 80-88

Published by: Cooper Ornithological Society

Article Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/1365986

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Pica Zuro Lodge - Client Testimonials


Just a note to says thanks for the great time we had in Argentina. In the past I have used 4 outfitters for shooting Dove in Argentina and I can honestly say the experience at Pica Zuro Lodge was by far the best. Everything was first class... great food, great service, great lodge and great shooting. We received excellent care by your staff from the time they picked us up at the airport until the time they dropped us off to go home. I will be visiting Pica Zuro Lodge again!
R. C. , Bradenton, FL

I hosted a group of 12 very discriminating friends at Pica Zuro last month for a 30 year college reunion. I received nothing but rave reviews from each man in attendance and a big thank you for setting up the hunt. The cuisine, the accommodations, the guns, the volume of birds, even the massage at happy hour for the sore shoulders- all first class. I own two hunting ranches in the states, so I know a good operation when I see it. Pica Zuro is top shelf all around. Taking the family back for Christmas.
B. H., Houston, Texas

5 star shooting experience with attention to detail. You won’t do better. An unbelievable dove hunt. I will be back with my sons again. 
Thomas E. Kersten, Minnesota  

Excellent experience. First class trip. 
Devek F., Wichita Falls, Texas  

I anticipated the trip of a life time and I experienced just that. The overall experience was incredible. 
Joseph Franz, Houston, Texas 

Entire trip was fabulous. Lodge facilities were excellent, staff most helpful + professional operating with genuine helpfulness. Shooting was outrageous given the quantity of birds plus was most enjoyable, especially for my sons. I would (and have) recommend this trip/lodge to friends for a magnificent hunting opportunity. 
James C., London, UK. 

Trip of a life! Wouldn’t think of another group to trust all the details with. Even the smallest details were taken care of – which is important. 
Jeffrey E., Dallas, Texas