Wingshooting Destinations

HookFire is proud to provide you the very best Uruguay and Argentina bird hunting in the world.  Our signature hunting lodges have it all - dove , ducks, perdiz, quail and pigeon! It is a true wingshooter’s paradise. HookFire Adventure Travel & Safaris is a  travel outfitter dedicated to helping you research, plan and book your next wingshooting trip. Experience a wingshooting paradise by visiting one of our professional hunting lodges such as Pica Zuro Dove Lodge, Guayascate Lodge, Pampa Lodge, Cangue Lodge, and the Tipiliuke Quail Lodge.

You’ll find black clouds of dove swarming the fields like bees in Cordoba, the dove shooting capital of the world, with a roost of over 40 million dove. The non-stop action and hot barrels do not end with the dove hunting. Argentina is also famous for having the best duck hunting in the world. Duck limits are extremely liberal and hunters can shoot as many ducks in a single trip as they would over numerous duck seasons in the States. Not to mention, there are over 13 different duck species that possess diverse colors and exquisite traits like their North American counterparts. If this is not enough to keep you entertained, you can also join us for a mixed bag adventure in Argentina’s neighboring country of Uruguay. 

No matter which trip you choose to join us on, HookFire is guaranteed to exceed your travel expectations with five-star accommodations, exceptional service and quantity of birds, that is unmatched.


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