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Weather in Argentina

We get asked daily about the weather patterns in Argentina.  With South America being in the Southern Hemisphere, their weather patterns are directly opposite of what it is here in the states.  With that being said, like the United States, the closer you get the equator during the summer the hotter it gets.  Here is a general idea about what the weather will be like in Cordoba for a typical year.  Keep in mind that Cordoba is centrally located in Argentina, so the further South you venture in the summer the cooler it gets, and vice-versa.  All temperatures are in fahrenheit.  January 93-59,  February 90-58,  March 83-54, April 75-46,  May 66-38,  June 59-32,  July 59-37,  August 64-34,  September 68-40,  October 75-46,  November 83-51,  December 89-57. 

Gun Care Ideas

The field is not the place to realize that there is a problem with your gun.  Going through a short check list can make that dreaded morning where the gun isn't ejecting properly or even not shooting at all a thing of the past. A smooth gun for this season starts at the end of last season.  Before hanging your trusty gun up for the offseason it is a good idea to clean the gun as well as you can.  Make sure that there is no residue such as dirt or sand inside any of the moving parts.  Using a water displacement spray such as WD-40 insures that the gun will not rust while being stored. 

Before the season begins, once again be sure there is no residue that accidentally attached itself to the guts of your gun.  It is a good rule of thumb to shoot your gun a few times before taking it afield.  The duck hole or dove field is not the place to be working on your gun.  You should be firing away and enjoying your time away from the office and stresses of the every-day world.   

For many years the Argentines have found that cleaning their guns with kerosene to yield the best results.  If you hunt in a region that has a sandy soil, the sand will tend to stick to any oil you put on your gun.  This causes a gritty sound and can eventually eat up a critical component of your gun.  Kerosene, on the other hand, dissolves quickly leaving less for sand or any other thin dirt to attach to.  

Over-oiling your gun can turn out to be just as harmful as not cleaning your gun at all.  I have heard for years "Don't let the oil touch that wooden stock."  This is because once the oil soaks into the wood, it becomes soft, and if the butt stock or any other wooden part of the gun needs to be taken off for maintenance, it can be impossible to put back on. There is no better feeling in the field than knowing all your equipment is it its tip-top shape.


Alto Parańa Grand Slam

Recently, Will had the opportunity to try his hand at the Alto Parańa grand slam.  During Will's stay he caught the Dorado, Pira Pita, and Pacu.  The acrobatic fresh water Dorado is equipped with a bright golden color as well as sharp teeth designed to devour any prey.  The Pira Pita tend to congregate under the overhanging fruit trees waiting for their next meal to transcend from the trees.  These fish are silver in color and pound-for-pound are widely known to be one of the most aggressively fighting animals on the end of a fly rod.  Like the Pira Pita, the Pacu patiently wait under the overhanging limbs for a sight casting opportunity.  These dark colored fish are more round in shape, and once hooked the angler is generally forced to put this animal on the reel due to an initial long, strong run straight to the bottom.   

Dove Recipe

We here at HookFire have been trying to come up with a new dove recipe.  Despite many failed trial and error grilling episodes,  the "Dove Poppers" still "Take the cake."  What we have also found is that even though this recipe rains famous with our friends and family, there are still many people who do not know of this genius, foolproof recipe.  

With the limit being 15 here in the South, its safe to say a two-man limit will feed around ten people.  Start off by removing the dove meat from the bone and seasoning the breasts with some salt and pepper and the most important part-Tony Chachere's.  Next, place a generous amount of cream cheese along one side of the dove breast.  Place a slice of jalapeño or two inside the cream cheese and wrap the entirety in bacon.  We typically use a half slice of bacon, but either way yields great results.  Place each popper about an inch or two apart over a 350-375 degree grill.  Leave the dove poppers for three to five minutes before flipping.  The next observation is the most important. Once the bacon is done, the entire popper is done.  Overcooking dove tends to make the breast tough, but nonetheless this juicy southern delicacy will be a favorite for years to come.

Birds of all Feathers



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