Entries for December 2013

The Art of Leading Dove

It is safe to say that everyone avid dove hunter has had his or her fair share of days where they are not able to make any dove fall out of the sky.  There are so many factors that go into harvesting these delicious birds.  One crucial step that works for us here at HookFire is when you are not hitting the birds, do something drastically different.  Whether it is leading the dove two or three times more than you have been, or setting the gun down and taking a walk to relax your muscles, this could be all it takes to get back in sync.  If that does not work rethink your aiming strategies.  If a dove is coming into range with a strong tail wind, you will have to lead the dove nearly twice as much as if he were flying unnerved into the wind.  Also, dove seem to have many different speeds.  Sometimes, you can nearly put the bead on its nose and make the dove explode, but when the dove is flying like he has a rocket attached to him, a 3-4 foot lead may not be enough.  After watching hundreds or even thousands of hunters in the field, there might not be a clear reason why hunters consistently are missing birds, one constant factor that holds true 90% of the time is most hunters tend to stop their gun once fired and do not follow through the shot.   There is no fool-proof formula for being the best shot around, but spending time in the field with repetition simply is the best way to make your shooting better.  Keep it simple and remember to keep your gun moving throughout the bird.