Argentina Mixed Bag Hunting

HookFire's Mixed Bag Lodge in Argentina

Experience a true mixed-bag hunt paired with Golden Dorado fishing within minutes of the lodge!

Ducks, dove, perdiz & golden dorado fishing.

  • Located in the Entre Rios Province of Argentina, on several thousand acres of private land, Los Laureles is a large, working ranch with in-house ownership of all land and hunting rights. 
  • The result is a magnitude of wild ducks, perdiz, dove and pigeon. 
  • With 5-minute drives or walks to the dove hunting, you cannot ask for more convenience! High volume, no limit, year-round season of dove. 
  • The river is 5 minutes from the lodge, where you can fish for the elusive Golden Dorado. 
  • With the family-style, personalized, five-star service offered by the Los Laureles team, they aim to deliver the trip of your life time.