Uruguay Mixed Bag Hunting

HookFire's Mixed Bag Lodge in Uruguay

Experience a true mixed-bag hunt with the most friendly and gracious hosts of South America "The Portela Brothers", JP and Nacho.

Ducks, dove, perdiz & golden dorado fishing.

  • Located in Paysandu county, this estancia provides the experience of the typical Uruguayan countryside.
  • High volume variety of all game possible shows hunters the unique mixed bag hunt in South America.
  • In the vast hectares of shooting ground, abide ducks & perdiz over clover and alfalfa fields as well as one of the biggest roost of dove you have ever seen, making Cangue Lodge THE place to be.
  • Cangue presents the utmost experience of hospitality with the Portela brothers.
  • With the family-style, personalized, five-star service offered by the Portelas and their team, they will aim to deliver the program of your life time.