Pira & Alto Paraná Lodge - Dorado Fishing

Freshwater Dorado Fishing at Pira & Alto Paraná Lodge

  • One of the most exciting fresh water fish, the Dorado (also known as “River Tiger”), is a feisty swimmer who has built a reputation among anglers for busting tackle
  • A first-class lodge, strategically located on the Esteros del Ibera ("bright water") - 5 million acres of unexplored marshland, creeks, rivers, lagoons and freshwater flats, all thriving with fish 
  • Crystal clear water throughout the natural reserve, during the entire year; the environment leads to great opportunities for spotting fish and sight casting
  • Courteous, bilingual guides with expertise on the Dorado and their habits; decades of experience fishing in the vast Ibera Marshlands
  • This is the only freshwater Dorado destination in South America, offering state-of-the-art Hell’s Bay flats skiffs to transport anglers swiftly and safely to the most remote areas of the fishery